【GMAT写作】高分作文必备 考生需要知道的8个高端词汇
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【GMAT写作】高分作文必备 考生需要知道的8个高端词汇
1.Improve 提高:
Promote: 促进AC之间的贸易promote the trade between A and C; He was promoted to senior manager in this company.
Advance: our understanding of human genetics has considerably(非常的,可换做vastly) advanced.
Enhance: the publicity has enhanced his reputation.这次宣传提高了他的名望
Reinforce: reinforce the interference of the autority and its ability of macroeconomic control 加强政府的干预和宏观调控能力
2.change 改变:
Transform:多指改头换面,完全改变,不能用于形容slight change。说到人口变化:the increasing population has transformed the landscape and structure of local industry structure.人口剧增改变了小镇的景色以及当地的工业结构
3.Emphasize 强调:
Highlight:the report highlight the decline in the numbers of native(可以换作local) plants and insects.
highlight/emphase the significance/magnitude of… 强调…的重要性
Stress: He stresses the need for parents to listen to their children.
Accentuate: the crisis accentuates the gap between rich and poor.
Address: address the ponderance of manipulating the inosculation between… and… in the right perspective 强调正确处理…关系的重要性
(highlight and emphasize 的区别:highlight是告诉人们重点,因而能够让别人注意,类似于老师勾重点;而emphasize则是使重点清晰,不管别人是否能注意得到。而stress则和emphasize差不多)
Cultivate: cultivate the ability of … ;培养情操;cultivate a more relaxed and positive way towards life.
Nurture: 养育,同样可以指培养人才(talents)the sea nutures ample marine animals.
5.Break 破坏:
Impair:impair ability; 主要是破坏能力,莫乱用。
Undermine这个词也是指的是抽象意义上的破坏,有逐渐削弱之意,重点是循序渐进的过程。Undermine one’s ability/confidence/authority/position/credibility
Jeopardize: 不能乱用,破坏的东西要上一定的等级才能配上此词。比如Jeopardize the process of peace.破坏和平进程
Devastate特指毁灭、蹂躏 the earthquake devastated the whole city.
6.Keep 保存
Preserve、Conserve 保护资源用的就是这个词,不要用protect,protect这个词用在保护具体的东西。
7.deal With解决
Tackle: tackle the problem.
Resolve: resolve dispute争论/conflict冲突/problem/issue/crisis危机;来自拉丁语,比较正式。
8.need 需要
Require:xxx requires courage and confidence.
Necessitate: 用法不简单,没有摸透。